Army Strong

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Blazing Saddles

This movie was so ahead of its time that time still hasn't caught up with it. This movie could never be made today – no actor would dare to star in it, no studio would dare to produce it and no one would dare to write it. That's why it's a classic: because it dared to say what everyone knew, but nobody would admit.

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1. Nobody Cares

They don’t. About anything. Particularly you.

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Richard Pryor

Rage, then more rage, then drugs, then fire, then rehab, and then rage again, only this time with infinite grace.


Just another day at the office.

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2. No Bull

In a business full of it, we're terrible at it.

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Dr. Strangelove

A funny film about mutually assured annihilation. Awesome. Kubrick wrote it first as a drama, threw it away, started again and made it a comedy. By refusing to approach the subject the way everyone else did, he made the single film that changed the way we look at war, the military and the government.

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Levi's - Uncomplicate

Campaign for Levi's jeans. Uncomplicated.

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Tool - Music Video

Fred Stuhr, the man who did this animation, took a technique previously reserved for kids shows and cheap TV commercials and used it to convey the pain and struggle of a man possessed by addiction. There may be nothing new under the sun, but we like this as an example of how there are always new ways of using old things.

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Dentyne Gum

Make Face Time

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3. Dietary Restrictions

We're Kool-Aid Intolerant.

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Annie Hall

Woody told the truth, and still does, better than anyone. Everyone wants to be someone else. Woody does, too – only he admits how much he hates being himself.

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Attic Calls

Campaign for Shalom Auslander's book Hope: A Tragedy.

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The original smart-ass, the perfect blend of rage and grace.

Yosemite Sam: Mister, you just yepped yourself into a whole lotta trouble.

Bugs: You've been eatin' onions.

Labatt Blue

Come on up.

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4. Who's the Bob

There’s always one.

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Penn Commercial

A commercial that does everything it needs to do – inform, distinguish, sell – and then smiles at its own competitiveness. Hard to believe it got made.

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Smith & Jones

The BBC's Smith and Jones - Nazi Generals. Saying what we all know, only saying it better.

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Bass Beer

Bass. A Little Bit Better.

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Buster Keaton

Just watch the man, will you?

5. Neuticles Aren't Cheap

On the importance of growing a pair.

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Really Bad Jobs.

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6. Rage Gets a Bad Rap

On the Importance of Anger.

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Jesus H. Christ

The original speaker of truth to power: to the rabbis, to the Greeks and even to God: "Oh God, My God, how long will thou forsake me?" is BibleSpeak for, "Dude, really???"

Charles Schultz - Peanuts

Rage (Aaaargh): Misery, depression, disappointment, lonliness.

Grace (Good Grief): Love, friendship, hope, dog.

Fantagraphics "Collected Peanuts"

Broncos - Identity

Identity for the Denver Broncos NFL franchise.


7. We Are Thieves

And we’ve stolen from the best.

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Shalom Auslander

Enough said. Just read it.

Hate Camel Essay


Design, Packaging for Tanqueray 10.

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8. We Don't Need Awards

We have lives instead.

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